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Plan your project to get it right

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It’s the New Year! Time to plan that extension to your house, renovate, or get around to all those pesky jobs you have been putting off.

Zappit Electrical can help. Our electricians are fully qualified and have experience in project management. If you are considering your electrical needs for your New Year renovation, give Zappit a call. Your Zappit Electrician will take the time and happily sit down with you and your project manager to plan your entire electrical needs, and create an implementation plan for your new house or renovation.

Below are a few things to think about if you are planning a renovation.

  • At what stage are all the other trades accessing the area? It is important to discuss this with your qualified Zappit Electrician, so that a crucial installation opportunity is not missed.
  • Have a think about all of the appliances you currently use. Make a list of all your current and possible future appliances. It would be helpful to map out your rooms and what you might need, so that you can be ready to talk to your Zappit electrician about a layout and an implementation plan.
  • Will you need extra power points? Perhaps you’re having a tv/entertainment room built? How many power points will you need and where would you want them positioned?
  • Do you have any lights you would like to keep and reuse?
  • Research the light fittings that interest you, and write down any questions you might have. That way when you sit down with you Zappit Electrician you can ask all your questions. This will give you peace of mind when purchasing your light fittings
  • What about ambience? Lighting is a major factor in creating the feel of a room. Think about what lighting might best suit the feel of the room you are going for. Research some designs for Decorative lighting, and display lighting?

Planning the design and functionality for any space is important, and having a Zappit Electrician provide you with professional advice and assist in your important renovation decisions, will reduce your stress levels and you peace of mind.