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Finding a reliable and professional electrician… is easier than you think.

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There are many was to find an electrician - flyer in the mail, ad in the local paper, Internet search or recommendations from family and friends. However, finding one that’s reliable, professional and going to do the best job for you (and not themselves) is a little more challenging.

Next time you receive a flyer, see an ad in the paper or search online, have a detailed look at the company’s website. Is it comprehensive? Professional? Do they get back to you within the time frame stipulated? Do they answer their phone? How someone conducts themselves in those first few moments can be indicative of the service they’ll provide to you as their customer.

If someone has provided a testimonial, talk to them and find out what work was carried out and how happy they were with job. Questions to ask can include: did the electrician show up on time, were they happy to answer and explain any questions you had, was the job completed in the timeframe that was advised, and was the work of a quality standard. Importantly, ask whether they would hire the same electrician again for future requirements.

No matter the marketing vehicle (website, flyer, ad or brochure), be sure to ascertain the following:

  • Is the electrician properly licensed? Appointing a licensed electrician provides peace of mind and confidence that the job will be completed safely and correctly. To check wither your electrician is licensed, visit:
  •  Is the electrician insured? Engaging an uninsured electrician may mean that accidents on your premises or damage to your property are not be covered by the electrician’s employer. Accidents, while unlikely, do happen – so always employ insured trades!
  •  What areas do they specialise in and does this suit your requirements?

(Note: electricians can work across a range of areas, including new construction, residential, commercial and service calls. Ensure the electrician selected has the experience relevant to resolving your issue and managing any complications that may ensue).

  • Are they willing to communicate with you about your needs and requirements? Once you find an electrician, have a detailed discussion with him (or her) about your requirements, price guidelines and expectations. Anyone unwilling to give you answers to questions isn’t worth proceeding with.

David Parsons, owner and principal electrician at Zappit Electrical, is a reliable, professional and experienced electrician and is only too happy to answer queries, troubleshoot problems and provide fixed quotes. Dave has been doing electrical service work for more than 15 years and has significant experience in commercial, industrial and domestic environments.  Zappit Electrical is based on the Central Coast, and Dave works anywhere within the Sydney to Newcastle area. David has full insurance and is a licensed electrician. Zappit’s areas of specialisation include real estates, builders, hotels, motels, chemicals plants, car yards, restaurants and domestic households. There is virtually nothing Dave hasn’t done before and nothing he is capable of fixing or repairing.  

Zappit Electrical Services are also an authorised distributor, trained repairer and installer for Cold Buster Floor Heating.  Our experienced electricians can advise on the correct type of under floor heating for your home, work site or office. Professionally installed and with running costs at around 16 cents a day, there’s never been a better time to install under floor heating.

Zappit electricians are trained in project management and troubleshooting, provide customers with positive experiences and offer cost-effective solutions. Coupled with a common sense approach (which these days unfortunately isn’t so common), we take less time to locate a problem and repair it and more time to understand the issues, concerns, wants and needs of our customers. For more information, get in touch today.